GKG golf course is an 18-hole championship course. It is located in Gardabaer town and Kopavogur town. A drive from Reykjavik city center takes approximately 15 minutes, from Keflavik airport 35 minutes.

GKG golf course is the perfect golf course to enjoy with friends and family. The course features great golf holes that can be challenging, but when playing GKG golf course we recommend you to enjoy your time in good company while exploring the powerful nature that lies around the golf course. An interesting fact about GKG golf course is that it has 9 Trackmans on site available for you to use. Golf is played for approximately 4 months in Iceland and this accessibility is the perfect way to optimise your golf game during the winter. For those of you that do not know what Trackman is, you can click this link to learn more ➝. 

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Length from 47 tees: 4804m / 5253yd (Hcp men: 32+.) (Hcp ladies: 15+)
Length from 52 tees:
 5217m / 5705yd (Hcp men: 25-31,9.) (Hcp ladies: 5,0-14,9.)
Length from 54 tees:
 5431m / 5939yd (Hcp men: 10-24,9.) (Hcp ladies: scratch to 4,9.)
Length from 59 tees:
 5869m / 6418yd (Hcp men: scratch to 9,9.)

Par: 71

Our favorite hole at GKG golf course: 1st hole – a challenging beginning hole with bunkers on the left and trees on the right. Hitting the fairway gives you a huge advantage in your attempt to make par or better.